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We Get to Work in the Best Places!

View out window – Box Elder Co Fair Master Planning

We were recently treated to this view – experienced from the window of the conference center at our most recent meeting in Utah!  As Fairground Designers, Fairground Planners, and Fairground Architects our work takes us across the United States to some unexpected places.

…Our plane landed at 9:30am not too long after the snowfall had subsided (about 3 inches – and up to 24 inches or so in the mountains). It did not last long as the air temperature was above freezing and the snow plows made haste pushing it aside. Thank goodness because we needed to rush to our next meeting with Box Elder County regarding master planning their fairgrounds.

Our meeting was held at the appropriately and contextually designed “Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge”. Once we finished our presentation we were able to relax and look out across the valley at the snow covered mountains.

“Boy, we wish we would have brought our skis, or at least scheduled an extra couple of days in this beautiful country!”

There is no doubt, “We get to work in the Best Places!”

We Go To Great Lengths! … and Great Distances!

K/O Architects travel the Globe or at least North America

What do the following states have in common – Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. Let’s narrow it down. Besides all having beautiful countryside and gorgeous scenery. Two of the States have incredible mountain top skiing, one of the states has 10,000 lakes, another has two NFL and MLB teams, and the yet another has the Iowa State Fair. Are you any closer to guessing the correct answer? If you guessed they are all states that K/O is currently working in – you would be correct! That’s right, our entertainment projects and fairground planning takes us all over North America. The dashed lines are starting to look like a cross Atlantic map from a travel sequence of an “Indiana Jones” movie. Help us color in our map and keep the dashed lines going! If you have a fairground or entertainment venue that is in need of repair, rework, or just in need of fresh ideas – give us a call. We’ll happily “go the distance” and help you solve your problems and put a smile on your face!

WOW! … Now That’s Service!

K/O Architects offers Great Service

K/O Architects offers Great Service

Just the other day we were passing through Oakely, Utah and needed to fill up the tank of our rental car.  Just after we pulled into the local Sinclair station I jumped out of the vehicle and took off the gas cap; a man’s voice said with a smile – “I can do that”.  He made his way over to the pump and proceeded to fill up my tank with gas, clean all of my windows (they were a little dirty, but not enough for me to feel that I needed to clean them at all), and asked me if I wanted the oil level or tire air pressure checked.  The eighty plus year old gentleman that did all this: called me sir, thanked me for my business, and told me to stop back if I was ever in the area again.  All this and the price per gallon was not any different than the last pay at the pump convience store we had passed 30 miles ago.  All I could think of was – WOW! … Now that’s SERVICE!  Honestly, take a look at the place I did not expect it – but, I can tell you this; I won’t think twice about driving out way out of my way to come back here!

It just got me thinking about what our society has come to expect.  Just forty or so years ago we would have been offended if this level of service was overlooked – this was the norm.  Now we pay at the pump and do it ourselves and don’t think twice when the clerk doesn’t make eye contact with us.
Just think of how many people we could make say “WOW!” – if we would all just provide service like we used to.

What do you consider full service?

Great Design is not without Great Effort!

K/O Architects - Detail and Design

Our office utilizes a studio design team approach where our architects and designers follow the project through all stages. At each stage of the project new layers of consulting services are added. Our objective in the development of design and delivery of technical expertise is to achieve a seamless and continuing level of service over the duration of the project, while providing a management structure that is understood by all parties Understanding how the work is evolving keeps all team members vigilant to examination of key design decisions affecting their area of expertise.

K/O Fairground Planners/Designers

K/O Fairground Planning and Design

We are pleased to present ourselves to you:

We are National Leaders in Fairground Design and Planning.  We are Fairground Architects, we specialize in fairground projects and have worked on over 200 commissions throughout the United States.  K/O’s extensive resume includes new fairground design, renovation, building design and fairground master planning.  Other services include: programming, infrastructure repair, new construction, site planning, building design, and construction coordination.

“Many of our clients hire us because we offer beginning to end services specializing in the planning, design, and construction of fairground facilities.”

We have worked on Livestock Barns, Horse Barns, Equestrian Barns, Horse Arenas, Fairground Design, Exhibition Buildings, Grandstands, Entertainment Facilities, and Fairground Master Plans.  There are many other entertainment and fairground specific buildings we have designed – give us a call or send us an email and we can fill you in.