We Go To Great Lengths! … and Great Distances!

What do the following states have in common – Idaho, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. Let’s narrow it down. Besides all having beautiful countryside and gorgeous scenery. Two of the States have incredible mountain top skiing, one of the states has 10,000 lakes, another has two NFL and MLB teams, and the yet another has the Iowa State Fair. Are you any closer to guessing the correct answer? If you guessed they are all states that K/O is currently working in – you would be correct! That’s right, our entertainment projects and fairground planning takes us all over North America. The dashed lines are starting to look like a cross Atlantic map from a travel sequence of an “Indiana Jones” movie. Help us color in our map and keep the dashed lines going! If you have a fairground or entertainment venue that is in need of repair, rework, or just in need of fresh ideas – give us a call. We’ll happily “go the distance” and help you solve your problems and put a smile on your face!

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