Iowa State Fair – Museum

Iowa State Fair History Museum

Iowa State Fairgrounds

Des Moines, Iowa

The Iowa State Fair has a long rich history in the State of Iowa.  Several years ago the fair was looking for ways to display that heritage in a much more interactive way than through simply displaying artifacts.  The Iowa State Fair Museum was developed as a complement to the already existing historic farm house/museum and the historic Pioneer Hall at the top of a hill on the eastern side of the grounds. 


From the exterior the building is constructed out of very simple materials – white painted lap siding, and shingle roofing.  However, once inside the building takes on an unexpected appearance – high trussed wood ceilings, polished concrete flooring, and light painted walls.  This together creates a wonderful experience and sensational interactive backdrop to tell the story of the history of the Iowa State Fair.


4,500 SF


Fairgrounds + Entertainment, Cultural + Institutional


August 1, 2003