New Office Interiors

New Office Interiors

Outcomes Pharmaceuticals

Des Moines, Iowa

Commercial – Office – Interiors
Des Moines, Iowa
Area: 3,000 SF

Outcomes was quickly outgrowing their existing space and in need of expansion. They also had grown tired of their perceived dull corporate image and desired a facelift. “We need an environment that allows us to practice our open teaming approach and energizes our staff… K/O did this”, said Cynthia Northway, Operations Coordinator.


“K/O crafted an office that heightened our awareness of our surroundings…our new space has optimized our efficiency while blending aesthetics and comfort. We praise them for their innovative use of materials, which is pleasingly appropriate, practical and economical. We finally have a place where we enjoy coming to work, and our clients enjoy doing business with us. The positive atmosphere resonates with everyone that comes in contact with it”
Tom Halterman, RPh, CEO Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care


The reception area rotunda glows like a jewel box allowing individuals working the back office portion of Outcomes to visually see movement when a guest first arrives – this helps with monitoring the “front end” of the office when the secretary is absent.


The design of this dynamic, flexible-use office space accommodates the varied program requirements of this growing business. With a simplified palette of materials, including many recycled products, and with close attention to detail, the clean functional look of this new office fits well with the progressive business model of Outcomes.


3,000 SF


Lifestyle + Commercial + Retail


January 1, 2004