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Historic Preservation Architecture Firm


The team at Keffer/Overton (K/O Architects) doesn’t only build new structures; we help restore old properties, too. Project examples include churches, museums, courthouses, office buildings, and conference centers. Often, ripping down old buildings is wasteful and unnecessary. Sometimes meeting Historical Guidelines is a part of meeting the requirements for the type of funding needed. Just because restoration is needed does not mean a building is not worthy of breathing new life into it. Sometimes repurposing a historic structure using the National Parks Service Historic Standards creates an elegant, delightful building, often exceeding the expectations of everyone involved. One reason we hold the title of the best historic preservation architecture firm in Iowa is that we work closely with our clients. We want to take the original vision of the project and match it as closely as possible. So, please check us out – one of the best historic preservation architecture firms out there. Because History does not Repeat Itself – But it can be Restored!