Fairgrounds + Entertainment

Fairground Facility Architects Design and Master Planning


Keffer/Overton (K/O Architects – K/O Fairground Planners – K/O Entertainment Designers Planners) work with Fairgrounds, Entertainment, and Event Facilities across the nation.


We can also assist in building concert venues where individuals can rock out. Our fairground facility architects can provide several services to facilities: image enhancement, detailed program analysis, master planning, festival recommendations, amusement layout, livestock facility design, circulation analysis, parking studies, existing facility studies, and year- round conversions & opportunities. The best thing about a Master Plan is that it helps everyone visualize where facilities go and how much space they’ll need for future projects. Our fairground facility architects work on more than Fairground Designs and Master Plans too. K/O’s experience includes – Multi-Purpose Facilities, Conference Centers, Expo Halls, Arenas, Rodeos, Livestock Barns, Grandstands, Tracks, Motorsports, Equine Facilities, Entertainment Venues, and Concert Facilities. Each of K/O’s solutions is unique and diligently upholds their time-honored charge to provide quality planning, design, and professional service. All this is for one purpose – to develop long-term relationships with you, our client.