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Spencer Chapel – William Penn University

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K/O Condition Survey of Spencer Chapel - William Penn University

From the Report by K/O

“The chapel is structurally in good condition; with some exterior masonry and most if not all of the exterior wood trim in need of a complete restoration. Given its history at William Penn University and the age of the structure, the building is an excellent candidate for restoration.

Therefore, the emphasis on the restoration process should be placed on compliance with current building codes with respect to life safety and accessibility. Concurrently an effort should be made to remediate the deficiencies in the exterior envelope to prevent future deterioration of the structure.

Finally to utilize the building to its full potential, the reconfiguration of the interior to meet current needs and life safety code standards must be completed, the electrical and plumbing systems should be upgraded, a modern climate control system (HVAC) inserted, and sprinkler system should be added. However, the feasibility of a restoration which encompasses all items contained in this report will have to be determined by a cost / benefit analysis.

In conclusion, the building is structurally sound and a viable candidate for restoration… The extent to which the building is restored will have a significant impact on its future life and use.”

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