Canyon County Fairgrounds

Canyon County Fairgrounds

Master Plan – Fairgrounds – Entertainment

Calldwell, Idaho

Area:    35 Acres

K/O was retained to Master Plan the Canyon County Fairgrounds.  The impetus of the study was the fact that 10 acres of land adjacent to the fairgrounds was transferred into County ownership from the City of Caldwell.  K/O set out to discover and prioritize the needs of the Canyon County Fairgrounds, and their direct financial implications.  The process that was undertaken began with a revisit of an existing master plan prepared by K/O several years prior.

The final plan’s recommendations placed priority on the ease of patron/vehicular circulation both internal and external.  The growing market for horse and livestock shows placed a need for the expansion of, and the health/safety of existing livestock facilities.  Finally, just as important to the future economic success of the fairgrounds – image enhancements were also suggested such as identifiable signage and much needed landscape elements.

K/O has recently started another phase of the plan which includes reviewing the ongoing needs of the fair and looking at the posibillity of relocating the Canyon County Fair venue to a new site.  The initial public meeting was announced in the local newpaper.

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