First Impressions – IAFE San Antonio

Wow!  What a great trip to San Antonio for K/O Fairground Planners at the 2018 IAFE Conference!  It was an excellent few days of visiting with current, former and future fairground visionaries and discussing their fairground’s future plans.  Master planning seems to be on the near horizon for many fairgrounds, as well as several exciting Events Center projects!  Here’s the link to K/O’s Fairground Planning overview video from our booth:

K/O Fairground Planners and Designers working hard at the conference.

K/O Fairground Planners and Designers working hard at the conference

If you stopped by our booth, hopefully you enjoyed, as always, our chocolate treats.  In the spirit of the Alamo, we definitely had people “Come and Take It!”

Come and Take It – the chocolate!

Of course, as architects, we had to catch a few of the local architectural sights while in town and even took in the local Holiday Light Parade on the Riverwalk.  We hope all the convention attendees also got to explore the new surroundings at this Conference and didn’t have to “WAIT…WAIT…WAIT” at too many crosswalks!

We look forward to continuing our discussions that we started during the convention.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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