Refined Process – Defined!

K/O Architects Design Process

Design is a delicate balance of form, function, and economics


Our office utilizes a studio approach where our architects and designers work together to follow a project through all stages of it’s life. We believe an architectural work must first fulfill the functional and economic requirements of it’s user. However, at the same time, it must evoke both a positive visual and emotional response from all who come in contact with it.

These qualities come from an expertise that only years of practice can bring. It involves a complete understanding of the site conditions, the architectural surroundings, material, detail, and the inner needs of the structure itself. This results in a product that is one part necessity, one part invention, with the balance fitting like an old pair of jeans.  The process should be a pleasure rather than a duty to participate in.

We also concern ourselves with the physical and psychological aspects of built space. Our work continually uncovers new ways of how our structures are understood, i.e. through a specific application and assembly of building parts. Combining and contrasting materials alters the perception of a space through the creation of a heightened awareness. The craft and care with which these items are assembled defines the character within our designs. This assembled kit of parts becomes crucial to the core architectural idea. We seek opportunities to reinterpret all elements within the built environment through a questioning and re-evaluation of visual relationships (form), physical adjacencies (function), and economic viability (dollars). All designs worth their salt should take this into account – Only extraordinary design seeks the best of all these!

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