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Now is the Best Time to Build! – Audiocast

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Now is a Great Time to get Construction Value!

Is now a good time to build?

If you’re currently considering it, there is no better time!  Even though some 2011 economic indicators show the economy is slowly picking up, construction spending in the non residential sector is still going down.  This lag in construction spending turnaround should be the proverbial music to the savvy owner’s ears.  It is estimated that about two years of very high value and equally high competition remain as this gap closes and the economy continues to crawl back.  It’s not as dire as it was a few years ago but, it’s not a rosy picture for construction folks yet.  Construction competition is at an all time high and so are the choices of qualified firms.  Now is the time to build!

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Says Michael Dell’Isola: 

“Take your project to market and the market will respond.  If you want to build now, bid now – because everyone in the construction industry is running lean – you’ll get the “A Team”, everyone’s “A Team.  Not to mention at much less than the “A Team” price.  The good news is, if you choose wisely, you’ll get the “A team”, tight bids, and ultimately a quality product.  Act now and you’ll have nothing but good news coming your way.”

Michael D. Dell’Isola, PE, CVS, FRICS, Senior Vice President of Faithful+Gould, has a broad background specializing in cost management, value engineering, technical facilitation/partnering, life-cycle costing, and project management.  He has over 30 years of experience in the field. Dell’Isola declares, “You don’t want contractors working for you that are in the process of going broke.  Nobody is gaining under that.”  Listen as Dell’Isola explores the impact of pricing in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

To listen to the full interview with Michael Dell’Isola and host Ted Garrison click here (click here for Audiocast).  The interview is titled “Pricing Projects in the Hyper-Competitive 2011 Market” and provided on the New Construction Strategies 3.0 website - www.ncs30.com

As Construction Lags behind the Economy - Now is the Best Time to Take Bids!

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