Colo, Iowa – Reed/Niland Corner

Reed/Niland Corner

Museum and Park – Historic Restoration

Colo, Iowa

Area:    2 acre interpretive park

Historic Register Listed Property

Located at the intersection of two historic highways – the Lincoln Highway and the Jefferson Highway – the Historic Register listed property – Reed/Niland Corner “One-Stop” presents an extraordinary opportunity for a vivid demonstration of important features of the commercial roadside in the early years of automobile travel.

The “One-Stop” is one of three last remaining instances of where the historic combination of a gas station, restaurant, and motel unit is still standing along the Old Lincoln Highway as it stretches across the United States.  K/O completed the restoration and renovation of this unique historic property.  Creating a snapshot into the 1930’s with an accurate restoration of the interior and exterior of the Gas Station, a fun and educational user experience within the Lincoln Highway Museum, and along the outside Interpretive Park & Walkway.

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