Stalling Barn

Iowa State Fair

Stalling Barn

Des Moines, Iowa

The design for this new stalling barn on a local fairgrounds expresses materiality and elegance of structure and detailing. The subtle curve of the steel main truss, the exposed wood decking, and tapered cast-in-place concrete columns are examples of this aesthetic.  Custom built stalling pens were also designed as part of this project.  The barn includes 188 multi-use horse stalls (or by changing the kit of parts, up to 533 open cattle ties).  Other portions of this project which are not part of this submittal include a relocated covered riding arena and an openair warm-up horse arena.  The new stalling barn and these other facilities support an evergrowing year-round equine presence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. 


This is a flexible use facility that can be set-up for horse, hog, sheep, and cattle stalling; it is capable of handling open cattle ties, and can also be converted into multiple open judging areas and open space for other large covered events or shows.  For those who walk on two legs, the building includes offices, rest rooms and showers. 


40,000 SF


Fairgrounds + Entertainment, Livestock + Equestrian


September 8, 2008