Goodhue County Fair Master Plan

Goodhue County Fair Master Plan

Goodhue County Fairgrounds

Zumbrota, Minnesota

The Goodhue County Fairgrounds in Zumbrota, Minnesota hired K/O to help them layout and plan their fairgrounds after acquiring an additional 22 acres.  Originally 20 acres the new expanded fair site would now be 42 acres in size.  Challenges centered around maintaining the existing infrastructure as much as reasonable while adding a new 52,000 SF multi-purpose stalling barn.  Because the size of the site was more than doubled it was important to connect the two sections with an easy to navigate series of roads and paths.  Clear entry and exit to the site became a focus of the new design. 


Maintaining a location for the annual tractor pull and as many as 10 existing buildings drove the initial layout of the park.  Four newer structures were relocated and incorporated into the new plan.  The original historic entry gate was maintained as well as its original location as the main entry from County 6 Boulevard. 


42 Acres


Fairgrounds + Entertainment


November 1, 2018