Benton County Fair Master Plan

Benton County Fair Master Plan

Benton County Fairgrounds

Corvallis, Oregon

K/O worked with many different stakeholders to develop a master plan of the Benton County Fairgrounds, which provided a framework for the County to prioritize improvements of the grounds.  The first element that was addressed was the creation of a boulevard to create an organizing principal for circulation of the site. 


Additional elements recommended for improvements included an addition and updates to the existing Auditorium Building, expansion and enclosure of the Benton Arena to provide year-round usage, a new entry plaza, replacement of the Pony & Beef Barns with a new Livestock Pavilion, and covering the outdoor arena to expand opportunities in various weather conditions. 


A market study, cost estimates and phasing options were included in the final master plan development. 


29 Acres


Fairgrounds + Entertainment


April 1, 2019