Pros and Cons of Dirt Flooring in Arena Architecture

Pros and Cons of Dirt Flooring in Arena Architecture

There’s nothing better than attending a concert by your favorite band. You can jam with your friends and sing along to all the lyrics. However, there’s one element that might not be so awesome—the flooring. Depending on the material, the wrong flooring can make standing for a long time pretty uncomfortable. So what’s the solution? Architects like us at Keffer/Overton can offer various flooring options. One choice that’s popular in arenas is dirt flooring. This piece will overview the pros and cons of dirt flooring in arena architecture for people looking to shake things up.



We’ll begin by discussing the benefits of dirt flooring. Believe it or not, these are quite substantial!


It Retains Heat in Winter

Dirt flooring can retain heat better than any other flooring type. If you design things correctly, dirt flooring can absorb energy from the sun to heat the arena later. After some time, the dirt will release the energy it took in and heat the space. This is better for the environment and will save you money on your heating bill.


It Allows for More Creativity

All concrete floors look the same. Arena owners who want their building to stand out should consider using dirt floors. Dirt flooring comes in various colors and textures that’ll make any event space pop.



Now that we’ve discussed the pros of dirt flooring, it’s time to examine the other side of the argument. Here are a couple of downsides to this flooring type.


It Needs Periodic Replacing

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of installing dirt flooring is that you must replace it. You can lay out the slab and never think about it again with concrete. Dirt floor owners aren’t as lucky. Since dirt is such a loose material, you’ll need to change it over time. The flooring may fade or even get out of the arena after many people, animals, or objects stand on it. Therefore, event space owners may have to lay out new materials more often than they’d like.


It’s Messy

Another con of dirt flooring is that it’s messy. Think about it—thousands of people stand around in an arena event, pushing the dirt beneath their feet. The material will rarely stay even and will likely look like a mess when everyone leaves. Other flooring options require much less maintenance.

It’s crucial to know the pros and cons of dirt flooring in arena architecture before deciding what to do. This thorough guide has provided information that’ll help you make the right choice. No matter what you choose, consider calling the team at Keffer/Overton to give you a hand. We’re one of the best architecture firms in Des Moines, and we’ll ensure we achieve the look you want.

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