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K/O Architects History

Principal Officers:
Charles T. Overton, AIA, LEED AP, CEO
Chip Overton, AIA, LEED AP, President

Year Established: 1876
12th oldest Architectural Firm in the U.S.


Commercial, Cultural, Fairground, and Entertainment Planning & Design

Project Management

Our office utilizes a studio design team approach where our architects and designers follow the project through all stages. At each stage of the project new layers of consulting services are added. Our objective in the development of design and delivery of technical expertise is to achieve a seamless and continuing level of service over the duration of the project, while providing a management structure that is understood by all parties Understanding how the work is evolving keeps all team members vigilant to examination of key design decisions affecting their area of expertise.


Our overall approach is to build a bridge between the client team and our design team. Communication is the essential vehicle for creating this bridge. It allows the client and consultant to gain an in-depth appreciation of all of the issues and resources available, which instills an atmosphere of cooperation and connection.

Rigorous Approach

Our team has a thorough approach, abundant resources and a co-operative work ethic to sustain the full effort required for all tasks over the life of the project. Our design team assesses the relevancy and hierarchy of each design initiative in line with an overall schedule, cost control and any potential risks. We establish a clear reporting structure and method of record keeping. We promote responsibility and effective decision-making between the client and the design team.

Design Continuity/Quality Of Service

K/O believes the design process is best when it involves the active participation of our clients. We join forces with our clients to form a team. As partners – in the design process – the team gains a collective understanding and works together to guide the vision. Design involves form, function, and economics. Extraordinary design seeks the best of all these. The end result is one which each participant can pride them-selves in the fact that the vision has been realized. We believe that all of our projects exemplify this.

Sustainable Design

Our integrated approach to each project also strikes the right balance between environmental concerns and aesthetic integrity. We take great pride in being good stewards of our profession and that means being good stewards of our environment. This is about seizing the opportunity to be leaders in our profession by utilizing time-tested passive principles and emerging green technologies while maintaining the highest standards of Sustainable Architecture and implementing LEED Design Principals. Our clients benefit not only by contributing to a sustainable future but to their own health and comfort. Historically, most “green” construction has lacked refinement in the joining of materials and the soulful interplay of space that is the hallmark of great architecture. Our core values promote an architecture of unsurpassed quality and dedication to the protection of our natural resources.


On previous projects, clients have expressed unanimous support of our process. Many have expressed an unwillingness to participate in a design process that does not utilize this interactive approach. Our approach facilitates communication, articulates and organizes the process, and cuts through the confines of previous experience and expectations–becoming an effective tool for developing a singular shared vision.

K/O Services and Process


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